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        We are based in central Pennsylvania and are happy to serve your traditional archery needs in any way we can
Order online, via e-mail or simply call us at 814-948-4208

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Scott McMullen
189 tracy st
Po box 33
Emeigh, Pa.15738



Our traditional bows are made with the best materials on the market to assure you get a good quality product. 
We offer many design options and wood selections. This gives more options than you can shake a stick at.
Custom orders also offer free personalization that is placed on the bow under the final finish to insure that your message lasts the life of the bow.  This personalization is especially nice when ordering a gift.
Can't decide what you want in a bow? Contact us and we'll work something out, or choose from our selection of in-stock bows. Then all you need to decide on wether you want a recurve , a longbow or one of our other designs.
Not sure what size bow you need? Want to get started but are afraid you will not be able to shoot well? We can give tips on instinctive shooting. 
We also have a respectable line of youth bows and accessories and are excited about the addition of a new accessories line.
Special requests are always welcome.

We are located in central Pa. , a short jog from route 219 in a little town called Emeigh located about a mile south of Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania.

Below are a few examples of traditional bow designs offered by Medieval Archery

  Our custom traditional longbows are guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturer defects.
The bow finish can not be guaranteed against normal wear and impact damage. The bow finish used is top of the line material and most often dents on impact with the bow.
Service does not end with the expiration of your warranty. If for some odd reason , bow repair is needed, we can repair most damage.
Warranty is voided if the following occurs
Do not leave bow strung in vehicle for extended periods of time on hot or cold days.
Do  not  expose bow to extreme heat for long periods of time.
String and unstring your bow using an approved bow stringer. Don't have one? We offer these in the accessories.
Methods of payment include, Paypal credit card ordering through our secure shopping cart. We also accept check or money order through the mail. Keep in mind that production will not begin until check clears. Down payments are accepted to begin construction, but are non-refundable after construction has begun.
Please allow 2 to 3 months on all custom orders. If bow not completed in that amount of time, shipping will be refunded / free of charge.
Now that we got the nasty stuff out of the way, we hope you enjoy your experience and encourage your feedback about our products, service or just general comments on this site.
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