Maker of quality affordable custom traditional bows

We are based in central Pennsylvania and are happy to serve your traditional archery needs in any way we can.
Order online, via e-mail, or simply call us at 814-948-4208


68" in limb length that is shortented to take a 58" string (AMO 62")
This bow is available in draw weights from 40 to 70#

Shown here are a few of the examples of our medieval bows.
 These bows are also good for hunting but were put in a seperate category as they are not traditional hunting bow designs.
Snakeskins are available on all our bows and we will soon be offering original Mongolian Horn bows made with horn and sinew. We are also in the process of making some original Cheyenne and Blackfoot bows and will also offer arrows made with turkey feather fletching and knapped arrow heads so come back often as I am always tinkering with some new design.


Available in 62 and 64 inch lengths
Bow is available in draw weights from
30# to 60#
Though most bows take only 2 to 6 months for completion, the riser wood in the below photo is black and white ebony which requires almost a year for completion.

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